Jason Tatge

President & CEO of Farmobile

Jason Tatge has been a driving entrepreneurial force behind many leading internet & Ag-Tech companies over the last 15 years. Farmobile is his third startup in Agriculture and he serves as President & CEO. His previous company, Farms Technology, created an electronic marketplace that completely automated the grain transaction and risk management process including fully automated hedging algorithms.  Farmers accessed the platform via smartphones and tablets and had complete market transparency. This company was purchased by DuPont/Pioneer in December of 2012.

Following the successful exit of Farms Technology, he became intensely focused using IoT devices to passively collect data from farm equipment.  The “big idea” is to turn this raw machine generated data into a standardized data set which could become a new cash crop for farmers.  Jason firmly believes that Farmobile customers will become more profitable by collecting, organizing and making better decisions though farm data portability.  All data collected from the Farmobile device is automatically stored in an EFR (Electronic Farm Record). The EFR passively collects and stores all farming equipment data (both agronomic and machine data) whenever the machine passes over the field without any interaction needed by the operator.  The portability of the EFR data allows customers to gain knowledge quickly by facilitating information sharing with Farmobile API customers, trusted service providers and other peers who wish to share information.

Jason earned a degree in Financial Economics from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter MN and an MBA from The Fogelmen School at The University of Memphis.  Jason and his wife Kerine live in Bucyrus, KS and have two children Jaden and Kyra.