Agrimoney Live

Gordon will be speaking at the Agrimoney LiveĀ Investor Conference in London on May 23rd-25th.

This conference is focused onĀ linking investors to the food chain. Ā Gordonā€™s topic of discussion is titled ā€œReal Asset Investing: US v EU outlook and opportunities.ā€ Ā Gordon will also sit on a panel that will focus on the topic of Impact Investing. Ā To learn more about the Agrimoney Live conference and its speakers please click the link below.

Clay County Harvest 2015

Clay County Harvest, 2015
David spent some time this week with Brent who is the farmer operating US Farmland Fundā€™s land near Vermillion, SD. The corn was dry and yields were running around 240 bushels per acre. Brent was driving truck while his son was driving the grain cart and his father the combine. They were very pleased with the crop!

CNN Money featuring Gordon

Hereā€™s a clip from CNN Money featuring Gordon, with some great support from Chad. This clip offers insight into how we approach investing in, and determining the value of, new farmlands.

USDA Crop Progress

What are you looking at, exactly? Great news for Farmland Investment, thatā€™s what! These charts are the latest release from the USDA Crop Progress Reports, datedĀ 7/27/15.

They show outstanding crop growth in the Western Corn Belt. And with the recent rains in the Dakotas, we are confident that the region should continue to push yields higher.